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Fresh, delicious, and diverse food in New Zealand? You’re at the right spot. New Zealanders are famous for their several quintessential kiwi delicacies and cocktails you can enjoy. With a coastline that spreads over 14000km, New Zealand offers some of the best seafood in the world. You will get information regarding these kinds of seafood when you check out our pages here at

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With numerous seafood lining the coastline, many seafood sellers operate the lines and have been there since the 70s. You will find Creamy green-lipped mussels along the coastline as they are one of the common seafood found in New Zealand.

Aside from Seafood,

if you want to base yourself in New Zealand, you will need to make roast lamb one of your favourite foods. Some shops specialize in this delicacy. Since New Zealand is considered one of the world’s top meat exporters, you will find lots of flavoured seasoned roast lamb served with roasted vegetables. You will also be introduced to the Maori hangi style of cooking which is saved for special occasions.

You will find the Maori hangi cooking style to be very popular especially in Rotorua (central north island). It is really popular in this region as these foods are naturally heated in geothermal pools. Their fish and chips are another special delicacy. You can eat this while resting at the beach on a cool evening or you can order this meal with white fresh bread plus tomato gravy.


Kiwi summer barbeque

Cooking outside is a famous part of the kiwi culture and practice and is usually done at home during the summer period. There is a special kiwi summer barbeque dish that’s common in New Zealand. The Kiwi BBQ is served with different types of vegetable salad. This meal is mostly prepared to host friends and family who visits. You can also experience the Kiwi BBQ style by visiting some of those cafes that offer BBQ services in Queenstown.



Chocolate is another favourite delicacy of New Zealand.  From different chocolate creamed surfaces to jelly tipped chocolate, they are all different creations of the new generation. At these chocolate stands, you can receive different chocolate sized biscuits and other chocolate creations. Last but not least are the pies. There are different pie flavours in New Zealand. Always served in a brown paper bag with buttery flaky pastries. You can always have these pies or one creamed in Paua. There are many different versions of pies you would enjoy. Just keep an open mind when it comes to food.


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